Meaurement Systems

We offer complete systems for the measurement of different fruitquality parameters (firm- ness, colour, size, sugar-content etc).

All instruments transmit their data into the UP labratory database.

Here additional information about variety, producer, dea- ler, treatments etc is stored and it can be adapted to fit your special requirements.



"Measure what is measu- rably, make measurable what is not!" (Galileo Galilei)

Based on this approach we put together our product-ran- ge - and you are more than welcome to ask for solutions that are not yet available  - we will help to develop a solution for your require- ments.

Use the experience we collected in research- and development-projects funded by the EU (i.e. Gezonde Kas) and German institutions.



We offer turn-key solutions for the measurement of different plantphysiological parameters as well as the related services (installation, launching, maintenance and repair).

Leasing, trade-in and offering second-hand products are part of our business-modell. Tell us your requirements and we will be pleased to send you an offer.


Firmtech FT7

The Firmtech FT7 is the successor of the Firmtech 2 with the following main advantages:

  • no extension-card neccessary, communication through USB allows use with Notebooks and PCs
  • works with all currently available Windows-Operating System
  • special turntable for Blueberries available
  • special puncture-probe for peel-firmness measurement